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Yesterday my new Warby Parker glasses arrived in the mail.  Upon spotting the package, I ripped my contacts out of my eyes (they’re dailies so I’m allowed to do this), and immediately placed my new, bigger, more hipster glasses on my face.  Instantly I realized something was wrong.  It was as if the outer rim of the glass was a different prescription than the middle.  When I focused on something in front of me I was fine, but as soon as I looked up, or turned around, I felt the prescription fail me a little bit.  Devastated (okay, maybe not devastated but highly disappointed), I made an appointment with my eye doctor so she could check my glasses and make sure my beloved Warby Parker did not mess up the prescription.

Welp, I went to the doctor today and the prescription is correct (hurray Warby Parker!).  We checked my vision with the new glasses: 20/20. I told her I’d been wearing them all day and I was slowly getting used to them but it was still a little off.  Finally, she came to the conclusion that the glasses are just bigger than my old ones and I have to get used to them - after about a week’s wear I’ll be used to the new, bigger lens size (yay!).  

Basically, I’m bad at being a hipster with big glasses.  Le sigh.  I need a drink; it’s time for a PBR.

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