tonight, i’m cleaning out my wallet

My father keeps his ‘lucky calendar’ in his wallet. It’s a tiny plastic calendar with a year laid out, by month, in a grid. He’s had it since his days in the army. With a pen, he crossed off every date until he was out of the army. The tiny calendar has since deteriorated, bits of months are missing, but he keeps it in his wallet always.  Sometimes when he keeps his wallet out, I like to look at the calendar. I like that he carries it with him always, that he believes in its luck - the luck that kept him out of fighting overseas.

I, too, keep personal non-wallet related items in my wallet. I find them sentimental (and I’m probably part-hoarder). Some items represent a significant event, while other items have become sentimental simply by living in my wallet for a long time. None of them, however, are as significant as a calendar that marks time in the army in the 1970’s. Despite that, I keep the following items near and dear to my coins, cards, and bills:

  • Something Corporate Ticket Stub - This ticket is from the August 13th date of the SoCo reunion tour in 2010 - it was the first and only time I’ve seen them live.  Something Corporate was my first favorite band, and if anyone knows me at all, they know how special it is to me - even if I have to put up with the emo jokes (yes, I did decorate my black Converse sneakers with lyrics like, “they always said destiny’d blow me away”). I went to the concert with a friend and we had a great time. We even befriended a mother named Teresa accompanying her 15 year old daughter + friends; she wore a sequined top. The band played all of the songs I wanted to hear.
  • Metro/Copenhagen Public Transportation Pass - This is the first of many abroad relics in my wallet. When abroad in Copenhagen, this pass meant everything to me - it’s how I got to and from the city from the apartment in Vanløse everyday. So, it’s been living in my wallet since the day I got to Denmark in August 2010 and it hasn’t moved since.
  • Two Danish Receipts - Not sure why these exact two made the cut. One is from The Living Room, my favorite coffee shop in Copenhagen. Apparently on November 30, 2010, I bought roughly $25 worth of something (the receipt doesn’t say what I bought exactly). Hoping I was buying for two that day, because otherwise that means I was eating way too much carrot cake for one girl alone. The other receipt is from Tiger, the dollar store, during my March 2011 visit. I bought two disposable cameras because I had left my digital camera battery charging in Great Neck (fail).
  • Two S-Train Tickets + Two Metro Tickets - These are both probably from my March 2011 visit to Copenhagen, because normally I would have used my transportation pass (which, I did try to use during that visit despite the fact that it had expired months before - I almost got fined for that, but got away with it by playing the dumb tourist).
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Ticket - Because, who doesn’t have this in their wallet?
  • Stumptown NYC Business Card - This is one of those random but lovely memory relics. Aside from the fact that Stumptown’s cold brew coffee was delicious, made me feel like I was on crack in a good way (or so I’d imagine), and came in such a pretty bottle that it now serves as a flower vase, I had a really lovely catch-up with a friend one day last summer in the Ace Hotel drinking this crack-coffee. I have yet to go back to Stumptown for no reason other than I haven’t been in the area, but I like to keep their card in my wallet to remind me.
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