I like making lists

Things That I Have Done Now That I Am An Alumnus*

  • Got tan for about a week (maybe two if I’m pushing it).
  • Started work therefore am not tan anymore. No windows sucks out your soul tan
  • Went to an Alumni Happy Hour on a severely rocking boat. Friend paid me back for the pitcher of beer by buying me McDonalds for dinner. I had a wonderful train ride home; my QPw/Cheese sat snugly on my lap as I picked it up only using a napkin for my hands were surely dirty after a day in the city and no hand sanitizer.
  • Spotted Bill Cunningham on 5th ave —> lurked in my maxi skirt figuring that I just so happened to be a little fashionable today —> decided I was lurking for too long seeing as he was still just locking up his bike —> left sadly without being photographed (that I know of! keep yo eyes peeled).
  • However, I was photographed/’interviewed’ by a fashion blog on the street only to visit the website afterward to find that the blog had not been updated since a personal post in April - perhaps this is an aspiring fashion blog, perhaps this is just an awkwardly unvisited blog. Either way, an awkward picture of me holding an iced coffee in a blazer is floating around the interwebs. The only difference between this and Facebook is that my photograph has ‘outfit details’ and a quote from me about realizing how much I enjoy wearing a leather jacket.
  • Turned 22 and ate churros.
  • Started David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. This is the hardest book I’ve read, I think ever. It has its own Wikipedia page guide that I absolutely need to help me as I read. Needless to say I’m nowhere near finished.
  • Bought new nail polish while trying to paint my nails on a Sunday morning because I couldn’t make a decision based on the colors I have now.
  • Got an iPhone and I am taking cliched pictures for Instagram, like the half-eaten birthday cake that I got in the office on my birthday. Slap a “Nashville” effect on that and I’m all set.

*These aren’t necessarily related to the fact that I am an alumnus, but I’m trying to embrace this ‘new stage’ in my life and what not.

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