cooler than cool

I use the word “cool” a lot - mostly in a slang context.  In fact, rarely do I use the word “cool” to describe temperature unless I’m referring to baked goods or the weather (sometimes).  But, do other people still use “cool” for slang?  Am I uncool for using this word so often? 

Various Uses

I use “cool” to describe a person.  Example, “She/He seems cool.”  Not very descriptive, right?  What do I mean when I say, “she/he seems like a cool guy?”  This could mean so many things: they dress well, they are nice, they are relaxed, they are a little bit unique but not to the point that I’d call them unique. 

I use “cool” as a positive reaction.  Example, “That’s really cool” or, simply, “cool!!!” Again, not very descriptive.  When I react using this word I usually am impressed, in very minor awe, or pleased.  I could be reacting to anything from something someone has said, to something I am observing, to something I have read or listened to. However, I used to date someone who said ‘cool’ when he was uninterested/not listening.  How we differ in our use of this word!

I also use “kewl” exclusively in typed situations when I’m being slightly sarcastic.  Sorry if I’ve ever kewl-ed you.  I also have a friend who used to say “coolio” a lot.  I always thought it was funny, nerdy, and always endearing.  


I don’t know how else to conclude this post on the word “cool” other than linking you to an LL Cool J (get it? get it?) song.  I’ve chosen the classic, “Doin’ It”.  (I also have a weird habit of saying “doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well” if someone says, “doing it” in any context, but that’s for another blog post, another day).

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