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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

things I did in February instead of blog

Looks like February came & went and I didn’t write anything on tumblr.  Clearly I have an enormous blog audience and I got lots of anxious fan e-mails/letters/packages expressing the serious concern about my lack of blogging, so I’m here to recap February, and, most importantly, to blog*.  Onwards!

Things I did in February instead of blog:

  • Made an infographic for class about the statistics of my blog’s audience while the rest of class used meaningful statistics like ‘Reasons Students Drop Out of College,’ and ‘Pounds of Meat Slaughtered in December 2011 for US Consumption.’
  • I finished up designing a book about coffee and now I’m working on a fictional re-brand of a coffee shop downtown. Soon, I will become a coffee bean. Like the way Gregor Samsa wakes up as a giant bug, I’m going to wake up as a giant coffee bean.
  • I’m (still) writing a story about a dude named Craig who constantly cheats on his girlfriend.  Craig plays in a band named The Pens.
  • I’m (still) listening to a lot of Best Coast, Big Tree, and Chairlift when I write my story, so that’s happening, too.
  • I went to a fancy dance that marked 100 Days ‘Til Graduation.  I wore red lipstick and, in hindsight, too much eye shadow.  Simple eyes are the way to go.
  • I got two vases worth of flowers on Valentine’s Day (bragmasterflex), and then I went to Chipotle alone and ate a burrito on the couch while watching Jeopardy!
  • I got complimented by a woman on the street for being a natural redhead and I shattered her compliment by informing her that I’m a fake, salon-dyed redhead, sorry.
  • I probably painted my nails at least 5 different times in this short month.

*Please, please get my sarcasm.  I know I shouldn’t have to write this footnote, but just in case.

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